Water-related issues are becoming more critical and in greater need of understanding and resolution. Water education is essential to help prepare today’s children for responsible citizenship in the next century. The Utah Division of Water Resources (DWRe) is developing awareness, knowledge, and skills for efficient water use. The DWRe collaborates with the Utah State Board of Education, the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium, and several other state agencies on water education programs and activities.

Utah Water: A Precious Resource. An elementary activity book that focuses on water in Utah and how it is used.
It is filled with activities and valuable information about Utah water. This can be ordered for free by clicking on this link.

Water is essential to every living thing. Because Utah is a very dry state, our water resources are critical. We rely on water for many things.  From recreation to agriculture, as well as everyday household uses. It is important that we safeguard our water resources, including the many reservoirs, mountain lakes, streams, rivers, and, of course, the Great Salt Lake.

The Young Artists’ Water Education Poster Contest invites fourth grade students to create a poster that describes a water-related theme. Posters are judged on adherence to the theme and art work.
The contest currently runs December through February. The winners are honored during a banquet in May.